The Tenant Mix Specialists:

We create retail destinations

Project leasing is at the heart of everything we do. We specialize in leasing designed to offer a sense of place, with a curated mix of tenants that complement each other. Because tenant mix is the key to creating retail success.


To create true retail destinations requires a team that knows shopping centers. From two-tenant neighborhood strips to the largest power centers and malls, we’ve leased it all, creating retail landmarks that stand the test of time.

A powerful approach that leases for today’s retailers

Our project leasing is based on a carefully honed approach that involves market knowledge and constant research that keeps us abreast of every trend and nuance in retailing. Retailers are evolving, and our approach keeps us one step ahead. That’s what it takes to successfully lease for today’s retailers.

A Texas focus with a nationwide reach

Our focus is, and always will be, on project leasing in the major markets of Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, Houston and San Antonio. Our retailer relationships know no borders, though. We maintain relationships with retailers from throughout the U.S and abroad, and we have an unparalleled track record of bringing concepts to Texas.

A proven approach to project leasing:

What we do

  1. We talk to you first about your goals, and we define the highest-and-best tenant mix objectives

  2. We identify how the physical real estate works with retailers’ operational needs and identify enhancements needed to increase traffic

  3. We formulate a leasing plan based on current market realities

  4. We develop targeted retailer lists, leveraging our extensive relationships

  5. We create persuasive marketing materials that showcase your center’s value as a location

  6. We get aggressive, activating our marketing and prospecting initiatives to get prospects to the property

  7. We use efficient negotiating techniques to successfully secure desired retailers

In other words, we lease your shopping center from a retailer’s perspective.