From intern to accountant, a career journey at Weitzman
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From intern to accountant, a career journey at Weitzman

Photo: Controller Dan Bergeron, left, with Team Accountant Madison Walker, who he hired as an intern.

We spoke with Madison Walker, a team accountant with Weitzman’s D-FW office, about her career journey with the company.

When were you brought on as an intern?

I started as an intern at Weitzman in May of 2021 and became a Junior Team Accountant in January of 2022.

 What about the Weitzman experience made you want to move into part-time and then full time after graduation?

Weitzman has such a positive work environment with so many great people eager to help and cheer you on. The company and its employees have made me feel comfortable asking questions and have continually encouraged me to advocate for myself and my future growth. I have really appreciated the opportunity to gain so much exposure to the field prior to starting full-time and feel like I have been given a great foundation to build my career upon.

When did you graduate?

I graduated from the University of North Texas in December of 2022.

 What is your favorite thing about CRE accounting?

I like that every day feels different because we are working with such a wide variety of unique properties, tenants and vendors. Many properties have varying obligations and deadlines, which keeps things interesting and fast-paced.

 Do you see Weitzman as a place that offers careers-advancement-opportunities for young accountants, and why?

Definitely. I feel very blessed to work under leadership that values and supports my personal growth and is willing to be patient with me as I progress. I feel like as a student entering the professional world, it can be discouraging feeling like you don’t understand everything or don’t know as much as everyone else seems to, but Weitzman gave me a chance to ask questions and learn as much as I can without judgment. Our controller, Dan Bergeron, has said one of his goals is to have people leave the department feeling like they could tackle not just commercial real estate, but any industry of accounting, which I value a lot as someone starting accounting right out of school. He and many others have done a great job at helping me close the gaps between what I learned in school and what I am seeing on a day-to-day in the field, as well as transition smoothly into the professional world.