Houston Office

1800 Bering

Suite 550

Houston, Texas 77057

Weitzman: 713-868-9961
Cencor: 713-781-7111
Fax: 713-781-7119
Cencor after-hours emergency number: 281-812-5600

Our Houston office of The Weitzman Group specializes in retail real estate, providing retail tenant representation services, retail project leasing services and third-party services.

The Houston Cencor Realty Services office offers third-party management service.

Currently, Cencor manages a shopping center portfolio of approximately 2.4 million square feet. The Weitzman Group handles leasing at centers totaling 4.0 million square feet

The WeitzmanGroup/Cencor Realty Services
City Partner
Steve Chandler, City Partner - Senior Vice President in Charge of the Houston Office

Commercial Retail Division
Edward Heap, Associate

Jacob Grossman, Associate

James Namken, Senior Vice President

Kyle Knight, Vice President

Randy Hopper, Vice President

Thomas Reckling, Associate

Development & Construction Services
John Roy, Vice President - Construction for Central and South Texas

Management of Assets
JoBeth Prochaska, Vice President - Asset Management

Property Management Services
Alisha Santos, Property Manager

Lisa Veatch, Property Manager

Randy Lauseng, C.S.M., Senior Vice President & Director of Houston Property Management