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S.A.-area to see first LID mixed-use project

S.A.-area to see first LID mixed-use project

BOERNE—The team behind the soon-to-break-ground mixed-use development 17 Herff plans for it to make a strong impact in terms of design and tenancy and a low impact in one key area: the environment.

17 Herff is a project of a Dallas-based partnership and group of prominent local Boerne investors. The developer is Carbon Thompson, and the design team is being led by Charles Riddle with Weitzman. This team is working toward making the mixed-use project the first true San Antonio River Authority (SARA) designated Low Impact Development (LID) in Kendall County.

The 17 Herff project is located on 26.58 acres of land located at the key intersection of Highway 46 and Herff Road and features park and creek views. 

Charles Riddle with the San Antonio office of Weitzman, who is also a Boerne resident, said, “With continued dialogue with the community as well as the city we have progressed our design and planning on 17 Herff to create what is now planned to be not only the first of its kind in Kendall County, but likely the largest privately owned commercial Low Impact Development in the state of Texas.” Under SARA guidance, the developers plan to capture and naturally filter 60-plus percent of the static volume from storm water runoff coming from the post-developed site as a whole”.

Riddle said, “The team on 17 Herff has really gone above and beyond creating connectivity via walkways and trails through the property. This saves a large amount of tree canopy and utilizes trees as highlights to the property while also allowing the community to really enjoy this special property, as many have never had access to see the property's natural beauty before. Beyond that, the development team is restricting the density to 250 units of multifamily and restricting the building height to three stories, committing to Dark Sky Lighting for the whole project and also taking extra measures to protect the creek during construction. Most importantly, however, has been the willingness to listen to the community and address what has really become a national concern on water quality for our natural resources.”

When Riddle says the team is going above and beyond, it’s not an exaggeration. “While none of this is required, Carbon has championed this water-quality cause and pioneered a synchronized perfect balance between proper density based on a blend of nature and high land-cost value/highest-and-best use development. 

The mixed-use 17 Herff is located in the heart of Boerne, a San Antonio-area city, and its luxury apartment units will overlook the creek that runs behind the property. Additionally, the project will feature street-level retail space with second-story lofts with creek and downtown Boerne views. An existing, exquisite 6,000-square-foot rock home on the site will be turned into a higher-end restaurant, wedding and entertainment venue. Additionally, approximately five acres with Herff Road frontage will be developed for pad sites for sale or lease to the right users.

The land architecture team is led by Danny Watson with Rialto out of San Antonio, the engineering firm is KFW, and Jake Aalfs and his LID team with the San Antonio River Authority (SARA) are providing consulting and guidance.

Additionally, Riddle notes that the Cibolo Nature Center is also playing a key role in guiding the project’s sustainable credentials.

“Capture and treatment is accomplished by designing and constructing BMPs (best management practices),” he said. “These BMP features include bioswales, bioretention, rain gardens, and more. The sole purpose of capturing and filtering the storm water is to filter the pollutants and debris from parking lots, like oil from cars. In many cases, properly designed BMPs can filter 90 percent or more of these pollutants and debris.” Riddle concluded: “While we understand that we are somewhat of a pioneer in this type of development we hope that our example and willingness to explore these practices will encourage others to at least take a look at what can be achieved.“